Peter Sage: How to stay motivated when working towards your goal

To begin with one has to recognise there is a big difference between Motivation and Inspiration.

Motivation is temporary. Like gas in a car, it burns hot, applies good energy in the moment but always runs out and needs topping up. Motivation is useful to get out of states such as apathy, lethargy or procrastination. But those states will usually return when the motivational fuel tank runs dry. Motivation is about two things. Moving away from pain (most common) or towards pleasure and is usually linked to having your reason ‘Why’ focused on you. I.e you having a better life than the one you perceive right now. Or having people see You in a better light, or getting out of Your state of scarcity, or moving towards You having more certainty etc.

Inspiration is different. Inspiration does not have a finite fuel tank that is subject to the temporary states and vicissitudes of motivation and will power. Inspiration is self perpetuating. It powers you towards goals from a different source. It is the nuclear fusion of the human spirit and it is found in one place. Outside of your own focus. When you are focused on yourself you can be very motivated. But when you are focused on serving a bigger picture and a greater cause than just yourself, then the wellspring of action comes from a deeper place. One only has to look at a standard Marathon and see the numbers of people who are running for the first time. Not the athletes who run because it is part of their identity but those who are stretching themselves beyond their previous limits. Far more make it when they are running for someone or something else. A charity, a memory of a fallen colleague, to inspire their family or friends by showing what is possible. You get the idea. If you find yourself lacking in energy for your goals, the answer is simple. Which garden is your ‘Why’ planted in. The garden of you will need constant tending. The garden of contribution beyond yourself has a far richer climate.

You reap what you sow. Plant wisely.
Peter Sage

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