The act of writing is really simple. That is what a great number of authors hear. But only a writer can truly understand how difficult writing is. No one knows the hardships and length of time it takes to write something. A book may take a year to finish, or it may just take a month. In the writing field, a project’s completion date is not predetermined. There has been a paradox among authors from all eras that has been the subject of controversy and disagreement. “Writers don’t produce their work alone.” It is a command from God.

However, it’s not that time we sit for hours with a pen and paper in our hand and wait for dictation. Since we live in the digital era, there are many features and helpful tools available to us that can help authors keep on top of their work. The writing process can be made simpler, more controllable, and more effective with the help of a number of multipurpose applications, websites, and other tools. CHARLII, one of the best and most useful online collaboration tool for writers, is packed with features, including a story-structuring process, a timeline feature, outline tools, time management tools, and brainstorming, which enables authors to jot down or record ideas for later use, and many more.

The Ideal Programme for Managing Writing Projects.

It is human to write. Editing is divine. Stephen King is credited with writing the quotation. Planning and editing are the two most crucial components of writing, and they have grown much more crucial in the age of digitization. You should organize your thoughts first, then write them down with all of your creativity and ecstasy, and finally edit. Every writer in the digital age needs these things.

Charlii has developed useful tools just for authors to make it simple and straightforward to plan, create, and write their books or whatever in any niche. Charlii can assist you with anything from setting up timetables and meeting deadlines to handling the intricate details of narrative elements and story arcs. The timeline function on Charlii makes it simple and informative to study chronology, narrative elements, and story arcs. The process of organizing stories is now more efficient and clear with the help of charlii.

Helpful Features Of Charlii:

  • Brainstorming: The tool can be used to produce and record original narrative ideas that are tailored for both immediate and future use. It records your thoughts in text or audio. It serves as your sole safe repository for data.


  • Calendar of Objectives: The calendar of goals will help you stay on track and make sure that deadlines are completed. It will help you stay on track with your objectives and guarantee that your task is finished on schedule.


  • Plot Planning Tool: Use this “at-a-glance” structure to evaluate your story’s aspects. Make sure there are no gaps in the paths of your characters or in the sequence of events by quickly identifying where timelines meet.


  • Outlining Tool: Create your story with the outlining tool. Before you even start writing, make sure your story has a clear narrative flow and plan out the key elements. It can assist you in structuring your thoughts and ensuring proper pace and character development.


  • Timeline Tool: Use the timeline tool to visualize your story. See plot elements, incidents, and other story aspects graphically portrayed to highlight relationships, patterns, and the main plot line.

The multi functional and fully featured online collaboration tool, Charlii, was created with authors in mind. Our goal is to assist writers in achieving perfection. It can be the ideal tool for beginning authors as well as seasoned authors working on many novels and series simultaneously.

Join CHARLII as soon as possible to push the limits of writing and establish your own boundaries.

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