Principal Planner Events Celebrates 10 Years in Business: Azar Jazestani

If you wish for a unique wedding event that best fits the queen and king, Azar Jazestani can help you rejoice as she’s among Canada’s most renowned event planners. She has recently unveiled her new, mesmerizing event hall that artfully bridges a gap between contemporary romance, classic old glamor, and modern.

About Principal Planner Events

Azar Jazestani, with ten years of experience in the event planning business, is delighted to announce to couples and all other individuals and groups looking forward to a spectacular event created with beautiful moments to rely on the principal planner for memorable events. She started the company in 2007 after 13 years of gathering experience as an event planner. Azar has also been nursing dreams of offering a luxury turn-key experience, therefore launching the Montreal Wedding and Events Hall named Maison principal.

Maison principal, as one of Montreal’s most luxurious Venues, is a space that boasts the most elegant and illustrious details in architecture and its functionalities. completed in 1923,¬† Maison is a historical reception that’s been reinvented and restored to facilitate a magical experience in line with modern convenience and state-of-the-art amenities.

It’s a Venue that can hold events of all sizes with comprehensive services such as ambiance design, floor plan creations, custom aroma program, mixology, and in-house dining. All these are possible with the availability of two unique event spaces with more than 100000 square feet ensuring all senses are elevated; Grand salon and Mignon.

According to Azar Jarestani, Malson’s Principal is more than just an average venue. It’s where elegance and sophistication meet contemporary design and bespoke with the result that sweeps anyone who steps foot inside off their feet.

Azar Jazestani, with her team, is always on a mission to bring fun in event planning and let the host anticipate their special day ahead. With the whole wedding planning experience, Azar Jazestani has curated packages within the expectations of each host of a luxury event planning firm. In addition, Azar Jazestani and her team are highly regarded as the go-to firm for any milestone, whether big or small.


With¬† Azar Jazestani in your event planning team, you are assured of enjoying a ride throughout your event planning period. You’ll laugh together, build a bond, and experience the best planning journey. On your anticipated day, they’ll take charge of your event, and you’ll only be left enjoying the experience of every moment. While planning for an event, let Azar Jazestani and the team handle everything as you sink in the moments. With her, it’s always a memorable event that’s worth people’s talk.

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