Property Search

Property search is another name for a title search or land search. Property searches are inquiries conducted by a real estate attorney to learn more about a property that a client is interested in or plans to buy. One step in house-buying involves a real estate lawyer conducting several searches with the necessary parties and the local government.


Some of the primary elements of a property search, land search, or property ownership search are as follows:

  • Local Authority
  • Water and Property
  • Environment


Why is it important to do a property ownership search?

A property search must be conducted to ensure that the purchased property has a perfect title and is free of such charges. A property title check will be beneficial to prevent any legal inconsistencies, given the property’s budget.

Benefits of Property Ownership Search

Before buying any property, especially one held by a bank, a property search is typically carried out. If there are any outstanding liens, a thorough title check or property search will disclose all relevant information. In addition, it will confirm any more legal disputes and rulings about the property, deeds, or any other significant public data.


Regardless of the aforementioned factors, a thorough title or property search performed by a real estate lawyer can ensure a simple transaction for the client and shield them from potential legal hiccups.

Difference between Government Price & Market Price

The government often decides property values. The government establishes and upholds the estimated market value of the property. It should ideally be the property’s market worth. However, the government-determined value is typically less than the property’s market worth, while it occasionally may be higher. As a result, each state’s government can also set the market value of the properties inside that state.

Why Measurement of property is required?

The floor area of a property must be measured for various reasons, such as calculating the service charge for lease agreements and promoting the property, among others. Depending on the measurement standard area, different methods of measuring qualities may be employed throughout the country.

Role of Property Management Companies in Property Search

Property management companies assist in ensuring the validity of the property’s documentation. They examine the applications to ensure the requested property is not disputed, questionable, or unrelated to the applicant claiming ownership.


It can be inferred from the logic and justification given above that a property search, title search, or land search is crucial. It is essential to conduct a property search before purchasing any property to avoid future legal issues of any kind.


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