Richard Reinsdorf: Essential Tips To Take The Best Product Photo

A picture is worth thousands of words. Photography can document your day-to-day activities even when you remain silent. With the advanced technology, cameras can now focus for you, set color balance, and determine exposure. Keeping that in mind, you’ll understand the importance of product photographs for your digital marketing campaigns. Ensuring there’s good lighting and proper product placement is one of the essential to making your photo appear the best. Besides that, Richard Reinsdorf shares essential tips to ensure you make the best product photos to attract your buyers. 

  • Use the right Camera.

For the best product photos, ensures you invest in a camera with a wide-angle lens to be able to capture more of your product, highlighting its features and giving it more depth. Having the right Camera also ensures you set white balance, ISO, and exposure.

  • Adjusting The Light

Photography is all about recording light. Adjusting light is, therefore, a fundamental key in taking a good picture. A cloudy day is perfect as compared to a sunny day. For an ideal product shoot, ensures you move it into the shade when shooting at midday. Also, consider shooting early in the morning when the sun is low to avoid shadows and glare that can ruin your photos.

  • Get a good image background.

Considering digital marketing, positioning your product in front of a good image background is another essential tip. Consider natural backgrounds ideal for your shoot as they are seamless. On the other hand, ensure your background blends well with your product if you are choosing a themed one, and it will not distract potential buyers.

  • Use plain backdrop

A plain backdrop is essential for product photography, and it redirects all the buyer’s attention to your product, ensuring there are no distractions around your products.

  • Invest in high-quality lenses

Investing in high-quality lenses is always the best option for taking the best product photos. Shoot your photos with a wider lens to capture all the product details. Your present and potential customers will clearly see what they are looking for before making purchasing decisions. 


According to  Richard Reinsdorf, photographing with a camera doesn’t make one a professional photographer. He, therefore, suggests essential tips that will help you take better product pictures highlighting your product and allowing potential buyers to have a clear look at what they are buying. Investing in the right product pictures and camera equipment will make the difference for the best digital marketing.

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