Saj Purkayastha (Saj P.)

Saj P. Unfolds 6 Digital Marketing Tips That Can Help Businesses Grow Faster

Saj Purkayastha is a quite popular name in the field of digital marketing. His skills and effective internet marketing strategies are well-proven and have helped many companies to outgrow their businesses. Being a successful digital marketer, Saj P. emphasize that every modern-day business should utilize digital channels to market their product/services effectively. Below are the 6 digital marketing tips suggested by him that businesses can utilize to achieve accelerated growth:

1. Set Up a Website

It is important for a company or organization to have a well-designed and functional website that can act as the stepping stone for its digital marketing efforts. Additionally, as the number of mobile users is exceeding the desktop users, ensuring a mobile-friendly website is a must.

2. Add Essential Information on the Website

While setting up the website, it is imperative to add information that customers are eager to know such as about the business, working hours, contact number, address, testimonies, etc. If such information is missing then customers might turn away while questioning the authenticity of the business.

3. Focus on Blogging

Blogging is one of the important aspects of digital marketing that companies should pay attention to. Blogs not only provide the relevant information to the prospects but also helps to generate a significant number of leads. Additionally, blogs can also help the business to build a good relationship with the customers and earn their respect.

4. Take Search Engine Optimization Seriously

Building a great-looking website having compelling content is important but what if the customers are unable to find it. All the efforts might go in vain if the business’ website is hard to find or reach. To increase a website’s visibility, utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) is the key. In fact, SEO can help a business website to get free traffic and let prospects find the product/services of the business.

5. Count Email Marketing In

While many professionals claim that email marketing is outdated and using it might not bring the desired results, the reality is quite different. Even after so many years, emails still hold the potential to persuade customers and generate leads.

6. Social Media Marketing

With social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram becoming the preferred choice of millions of people for socializing, these platforms also act as a perfect destination to promote a business. In addition, it is easy to reach the target audience through social media channels. Thus, by putting efforts in social media marketing, businesses can speed up their sales and brand awareness.

While there are several important aspects of digital marketing, focusing on the 6 tips given by Saj P. can help a business to realize rapid growth. However, it is important for businesses to be consistent with their efforts to achieve the desired results.

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