Sara Wallace: Women Offering Sights To Life

Perspective matters. Living life to the fullest is none better than any other pursuit of life. The kind of behavior life expects from everyone is what Sara Wallace has been doing for years. She believes experiencing new things makes a human more creative and out-of-the-box thinker. With this belief, she tried various things and worked in different fields like film, commercials, music video, and theater production companies. She is currently the executive producer of SMUGGLER and also serves as a Board Director of the charity arts center and cinema ‘Rich Mix’. Launching new talents in the ocean of creativity is one of the works she does regularly, In simple terms, she gives opportunities to new people through the assistance of SMUGGLER (a film, TV, commercials, and music video and digital and animated film company representing a roster of award-winning directors) who have an extreme passion to do something and contribute in the arena of arts and culture.

A Look At Sara’s Early life

Sara Wallace’s early life is as inspiring as her present life. At the start of her career, She lived four years of life in New York working for Droga5 and Mother, huge advertising companies. While working with these big advertising agencies, she produced quality films and multiple live events for notorious celebrity artists like Beyonce and others. The live event with Beyonce proved a turning point in her life as she gained huge limelight from that event. The event took place on the behalf of the United Nations where multi-billionaires, big artists, and powerful leaders were presented including the supreme American attorney, Mrs. Michael Obama. Hereby, she was also nominated for an MTV Video Music Award (VMA) and generated a good amount of money which was over  £100M in charity pledges.

After spending four years of her life working with different artists and promising personalities she returned to London where she worked in production for ‘Guinness’ and produced the “Sapeurs” campaign at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. The campaign gained so much popularity worldwide and is listed among the top 5 most awarded film campaigns in advertising history.

With that much experience and fame, she decided to start her very own journey in the world of entrepreneurship and opened a fashion advertising agency “ANYBODY OF WORK ‘where she started to produce quality work for Julien McDonald and Balmain. During that time she joined SMUGGLER which turned out to be so beneficial for her and the company as well. 

Inspiring A Whole Community

With the utmost passion and devotion to her work she is inspiring a whole community and culture. Sara’s work is highly recognized and praised by numerous people. Her personality and work as a media producer are unmatchable from any other in her respective field. Her hard work, creativity, passion, originality of work, and uniqueness in presenting ideas are such things to notice and be aware of. Her work speaks for itself. Becoming a better, creative individual and creating a path of success for younger generations with her vast experience and life learnings is what Sara Wallace is looking for.  




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