SmartCRUTCH: The Comfortable Solution for Mobility

If you’re in need of more comfortable crutches for mobility assistance, you know that traditional crutches can be painful and uncomfortable to use for extended periods. Fortunately, there is now an innovative solution available in the form of the SmartCRUTCH.

The SmartCRUTCH is designed with the user’s comfort and mobility in mind. Its patented modular design distributes body weight over the forearm, releasing pressure and pain from the hands, wrists, and shoulders. The crutch is fully adjustable, allowing for customization to fit the user’s specific needs and preferences. 


The unique design is patented, offering a unique solution for mobility that sets it apart from traditional crutches. 

Its design includes:

Freedom to Move

The crutches allows for greater mobility than traditional crutches, with an hourglass-shaped foot design that maximizes surface contact and shock absorption built into the design of the specialized ferrule and cuff memory foam.

Tailor to Your Body’s Specific Needs

They are fully adjustable, with a locking spline that allows for secure rotational angle settings, forearm length settings, and push-pin height adjustment.


They received positive feedback from users and clinicians alike. Testimonials highlight the following benefits:

  • Ergonomically designed grips that provide a natural wrist angle and even load across the palm.
  • 15° to 90° forearm platform settings to meet personal comfort and mobility requirements.
  • Transfer of weight to the forearm, resulting in less fatigue and injury prevention.
  • Less pressure on the hands reduces pain, discomfort, or blistering.
  • Mitigates the potential of pinched or damaged nerves.
  • Improves posture and gait resulting in less pain or fatigue.
  • Allows freedom of hands while still providing support.
  • Easier to navigate while ascending or descending stairs.
  • 40+ fashionable colors to suit your personal style.


  • Crutches Spare Parts and Accessories

We also offers crutches spare parts and accessories to ensure that users can maintain their crutches in optimal condition.

  • Forearm Storage Bag

A storage bag designed specifically for the SmartCRUTCH is available for easy transport and storage.

  • Wing Tip Pads

Wing tip pads can be replaced when worn out, ensuring that the crutches remain in top condition.

  • Rubber Tips

Rubber tips are essential to ensure that the crutches maintain a strong grip on the ground.

  • Replacement Tips Fetterman Tornado Tips RT Rain-Slip

We offers replacement tips, including the Fetterman Tornado Tips RT Rain-Slip, which are designed to provide greater stability on slippery surfaces.

Cotton Grip Covers

For users who desire additional comfort or want to personalize their crutches, cotton grip covers are available.

  • SmartCRUTCH Handles

The handles of our crutches can be replaced when worn out, ensuring that the user can continue to use the crutches comfortably.

To Summarize:

The SmartCRUTCH is a game-changer for those who require crutches for mobility assistance. Its patented modular design, ergonomic features, and adjustability allow for greater comfort, mobility, and injury prevention. Additionally, the availability of spare parts and accessories ensures that users can maintain their crutches in top condition.

If you’re in the market for more comfortable crutches, consider the SmartCRUTCH. With its unique design, customizable features, and range of accessories, it offers a comfortable and stylish solution for mobility assistance.

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