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Socks are designed as a necessary part of clothing. It is a stretchable part of a cloth covering the foot either till the ankle or whole calf. Foot releases the most sweat of the body so the function of the sock is to soak up the exudation. In cold weather conditions, they assist the body to get insulated. Cashmere socks for women are obtainable in pairs of diverse colors, patterns and sizes. How and with which materials they are made up of. The variety of cloth is utilized in manufacturing like cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, spandex or olefins. To improve the quality and smoothness other materials are also utilized such as mohair, silk, linen, cashmere or bamboo. They are usually produced in round or circular computing device, which gives the tubular form whilst not having the requirement of facet seam. Handmade one can be knitted, sewed as one part or crocheted from pieces of material. After the procedure of knitting and sewing, they are shaped, steamed or ironed to widen it. Finally, they are paired and labeled.



  1. Ankle length – They wrap the feet till ankle. Perfectly goes with casual and low cut shoes like loafers, sports shoes, running, gym, etc. These are unisex.


  1. Quarter length– They cover the foot more above than that of the ankle that is till shins. They guard the foot from shoe bites and blisters. Perfectly goes with formal and informal shoes. It is destined for both men and women depending on their requirements.


  1. Crew length– ideal to wear in winters and also carried out with outside physical activities like running, hiking, etc. They can go up to calf relying on the length of legs. There length may be about six to eight inches long. They give superior guard and coverage. Both men and women can wear it as per their desires.


  1. Mid– calf length- Mid-calf length run up to your calf muscle tissues, but do not experience over them methodically like your calf size ones. These also come in pure and web material for females. Suitable for men and women both.


  1. Calf length– Calf size socks cover as much as your calf muscle mass and slightly underneath your knee. By and large, corporeal games folks and athletes put on these due to the reality that of the security they offer.


  1. Knee length– Knee length socks are utilized by females, most often beneath their boots, throughout winters. They act as a cushion and add yet another layer to maintain the feet warm. These are used widely in the aviation and hospitality industries as a part of the uniforms.


7. Thigh highs– These go above your knees. An excellent idea for ladies to pair them with skirts. If you wish to add somewhat funk to your outfit, you might also are attempting the printed socks. The very first thing that comes to my intelligence when I imagine about Cashmere socks for women is Scottish guys and ladies wearing them with their knee size skirts.

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