Some Interesting Facts about NAPLAN

To become successful in life, the role of education is significant in many different ways. Through education, a person gets to learn various things that help to achieve different milestones in any field of work. Therefore, it becomes important for parents to help their kids in getting a good education, and in Australia, this is happening for the last several years with the help of the NAPLAN test series.

NAPLAN is a test of skills and capabilities of the students in Year 3, 5, 7, and 9. The test is of numeracy and literacy which are critical in the learning of other subjects and skills Students are given multiple questions that are based on reading, writing, language conventions, and numeracy. As this is a skill test, it is important to enhance the skills of your child so that he or she can perform well in NAPLAN test series.

Specialist writers in Acara write the tests to ensure that possible questions and topics are carefully considered and suited for the related year levels. To make it less complicated, many trials of different test items are performed with the help of small samples of students to notify decisions about which different test items will be used in the final tests. The reason behind this process is to enhance and ensure the quality of the tests. After this, the final test forms are reviewed and examined by experts and accepted only if they meet the strict criteria.

If your child is in year 7, then NAPLAN online practice tests year 7 are designed to provide maximum flexibility for your child to practice anywhere and anytime. With the help of an online practice or sample test, a child can learn various things that can be very helpful at the time of the final NAPLAN test. Let’s have a look at some other benefits of an online practice test in the preparation of NAPLAN.

  • An online practice or sample test helps the students in a simulated exam environment which includes time management and different question pattern.
  • It also helps the students to experience different difficulty level of the questions and how to solve them in the given time.
  • With the help of an online practice test, students can boost his or her confidence before the real exam and can also get some relief from the anxiety and stress. Anxiety and stress can adversely affect the performance in the exam.
  • Other than this, it can also help a student in getting familiar with the pattern of the exam and also in managing the time. With better time management, a student can also increasetheir speed in doing the test efficiently.



For more than one decade, NAPLAN tests provide valuable insight to parents and schools by testing students’ capabilities in reading, writing, numeracy, and language conventions. Thus, if your child is in year 7 and you are looking for some effective method to help him or her in the preparation, Year 7 NAPLAN practice tests can be a good option.

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