“Flowers Are The Music of The Ground. From Earth’s Lips Spoken Without Sound.”


No matter the occasion, there is one offering that never fails to make the recipient happy. Flowers have been there for us from the moment of our birth and will be there till the very end. They are a wonderful gift that speaks volumes. Flowers convey feelings of love, appreciation, celebration, loss, and support to those who receive them. They possess the rare capacity to bring a little moment of joy even during the most gloomy circumstances and that is what the actual power of flowers is.


The Wonderful World And History Of Hydrangeas

The hydrangea, also known as Ajisai, was initially domesticated in Japan. The Meigetsuin Temple, for example, is transformed into a dreamy, aromatic garden when the flowers tend to bloom during the rainy season (tsuyu) from June to July. The Japanese are renowned for their mesmerizing gardens and revolving stories around their blossoms. The hydrangea is no exception; according to mythology, a Japanese emperor sent blue hydrangeas to a girl’s family as an atonement for neglecting her.


For a good reason, green hydrangea flowers are among the most widely used ornamental flowers in the world. They are beautiful and adaptable, adding life and charm to grand festivals, religious rituals, and small, private gatherings.


Gardeners especially adore hydrangeas because they grow well in a variety of conditions, are simple to breed, and produce some of the biggest, most colorful flowery blooms and that too with the requirement of very little efforts.




– Ask your florist when they received their delivery or when they will receive their next fresh delivery to be sure you are purchasing the freshest hydrangeas possible.


– Hydrangea stems should never be left devoid of water. Keep their stems submerged completely in clean, cool water. Make sure the hydrangeas are gift-wrapped and submerged in freshwater when you pick up your flowers from the florist (not water wrapped).


–  Hydrangeas (or other fresh flowers) should never be left in a car during the heat, just like that of our children and pets.

– As soon as you get your hydrangeas inside, immediately condition them by dipping them into a water filled container (or sink) of cool, fresh water, being careful to completely submerge the head and stem. Your fresh hydrangeas will be properly hydrated as a result, as they will absorb moisture from their entire stem and head rather than just the ends. Your hydrangeas will appreciate it and live longer as a result.


-Put the flowers in a large vase filled with fresh, chilly water after cutting the stems at a 45-degree angle. Make sure the vase is clean and ¾ full.


-To help your hydrangeas endure for about 5 to 10 days, refresh and repeat the previous instructions each day.


-Your hydrangeas can be dried by being individually hung upside down by their stems in a dry cabinet. Additionally, you might hang the group upside down inside a big dome to display them.




Sending green hydrangea flowers is such a lovely concept, and StemmZ Reserved is aware of it. Our goal is to assist you in delivering the freshest flowers possible to your coworkers, clients, family, friends, and significant others. Flowers are a gift and should be appreciated, not wasted. With our carefully managed inventory management process, we can ensure your recipient will be happier with fresher flowers. We are efficient to satisfy your hydrangea plant needs in a  fast, simple, and easy way. With our efficient delivery service, get our lovely floral presents delivered the same day or the following day.


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