Steven Santarpia – King of Digital Marketing Arena

Grabbing the attention of a user could be difficult unless you have started a digital marketing campaign!Through a digital marketing campaign, any brand can reach a global audience. Since Digital Marketing came into force, a lot of marketing principles went outdated. Whether you are running a small, or a mid-size business, it can be beneficial for every entrepreneur. However, without a reliable digital marketing analyst, your plan of expanding could fail!

When it comes to the digital marketing sector then Steven Santarpia is one such personality who has gained expertise in the field. Now running a successful digital marketing agency in Greenlawn, New York. His digital marketing agency named Steven Santaria Consulting works with companies all across the globe. The company is growing with leaps and bounds under his guidance, and specialized in working with small to mid-size companies!

The journey of Steven Santapia started in the year 2008. In the initial stage of his career, he worked for many companies as the account manager for several-mid size businesses that were engaged in the business of search engine optimization, social media marketing, website development, etc. After working for these firms, the idea of establishing a digital marketing agency came into his mind. With his nascent entrepreneurial mind, he made a wise decision!

In the year 2016, he inaugurated Steven Santarpia Consulting and started offering cost-effective solutions to his clients. Soon the company emerged as one of the top digital agencies in New York! His expertise and extensive experience helped this digital marketing agency to achieve new heights of success. The main focus of the company is to serve clients who run small to mid-sized businesses!Every project that the company is getting gets completed in a stipulated time due to their R&D expertise, and expert team of professionals.

Steven has taken the vast experience in the field, therefore, leverages it and always chooses proficient people while hiring. He respects and is capable to recognize one’s uniqueness, thus, hired people with a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and education for the agency. Apart from this, Steven’s skills are also tremendous through which he trains the newcomers.

Additionally, Steven works as a social work being an advocate for animal rights, and also donates to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. Further, he likes to spend time with his family, playing baseball, and live music isan activity that he loves!

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