Surprise your Grandmother on her Birthday


Generations apart, your Grandmother is the one woman who celebrates all your special days and becomes happier than you can be. She can be the person you share everything with, and at the same point, she is also the one who will take you closest to the traditions of the family and the cultures that you should learn no matter how modern you have become. Well, after moving out of the house and making a different place in any other city more than your parents, your Grandmother must be missing you, especially because she used to stay with you in the house for the whole day even when your parents used to go out for work. So, this year when you have plans of going back home, see if you can plan the trip during your grandmother’s birthday and then plan something that she would like. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

●     Take her to the temple: one thing that comes along with old age is spirituality, and if your grandmother is someone who is into worship, it then nothing better than this would be the ideal beginning on her birthday. Wake up early and get ready for a temple visit. She would be very glad to thank the creator for her birthday. This way, you will get to spend some time with her and make her feel good.

●     Cook something: granddaughters/grandsons are very special for grandmothers. When you grow up and leave to a different place to make your own life, grandparents stay worried just like your parents about what you would eat and cook for yourself. Well, if the outside has taught you how to cook, you can surprise your grandmother on her birthday by making something special for her.

●     Bake a cake: Older people avoid food from outside because they never had hotels and all to order food. They preferred to eat homemade things and didn’t know this cake-cutting ritual. If you wish to make, her cut a cake for her birthday, avoid ordering stuff from outside and prepare it at home. Seeing you do that will not only make her day special but will also make her proud. 

●     Gifts: even if grandmothers never ask for anything, they love to be gifted occasionally. So, for her birthday, you can order flowers online, and along with it, you can buy your grandmother her favorite book, kitchen use things, stitching things, and wherever she loves to do. 

Thus, you do not have to plan anything huge for your grandmother’s birthday. Instead, a very simple gesture of love and affection can make her whole day special. So, if you are thinking about planning your grandmother’s birthday, the ideas mentioned above can be helpful for you. Also, make sure you give her ample amount of time and talk to her, tell her stories about your college or school or workplace, and keep her engaged for the whole time. That way, she will have one of the more memorable moments on her birthday. 

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