By using GPS (Global Positioning Systems) immediate access to National Grid coordinates is available. Digital levels and laptop computers are the standard pieces of gear, that let the engineers to efficiently co-operate at any place by relaying digital broadcast of data to the surveyors H.Q’s. The surveying of land is the procedure of precisely determining a terrestrial or three dimensional space positions of points and the angles and distances between them. These points are frequently utilized to create land maps and are typically on the earth. Our capabilities consist of terrestrial surveying, aerial surveys, digital terrain modeling, and satellite mapping and monitoring.


Conventional survey gear for all-inclusive surveying, mapping and monitoring of the built and normal surroundings


We offer aerial Geo-data acquisition, processing, and scrutiny for projects in ordinary sources managing, urban planning, and environmental and manufacturing activities.


Mapping services and imagery study to hold land management, communications planning, natural sources investigation and expansion, civil engineering and ecological monitoring.


Customized and cost-effective resolutions for the confronts represented by the size, intricacy and assortment of spatial datasets, maximizing geospatial savings.

Our data management services are intended to offer raw data and processed info when required, facilitating a variety of services that include conservative surveys, dimensional control, laser scanning of momentous buildings and mobile mapping of hallways that could be thousands of kilometers long.

Oil & Gas Installations – Dimensional control makes sure that the components made-up for oil and gas installations (such as LNG plants, offshore oil rigs and well-heads) are obedient with the dictatorial and technical stipulations and will fit first time when fitted. This delivers important project savings, improved safety, and reductions in variant and less project delays.

Geodetic Control/CORS Network – An accuracy control network and geoid model ease the use of satellite based positioning services for accuracy surveys such as for communications development or flood and watershed organization. Projects vary from site precise to whole countries.

Infrastructure Management – Immobile laser scanning and mobile mapping give thorough point clouds of roads, rails, buildings, factories and chemical plants. These data can be utilized for historic conservation or for comprehensive engineering design of the next revision.

Pipeline Construction – An efficient data management system is applied from the route assortment process and permitting phase. During edifice, the field crew data are upgraded into the data managing system and made available instantly to all stakeholders. Reporting is quick, precise and systematic.

Our high-quality terrestrial surveying services make use of the latest technology shared with unrivaled expertise. We meet challenging and complex necessities such as setting up geodetic control and dimensional control survey, whilst our data managing and distribution system facilitates the efficient application of the results: Dimensional control to guarantee your project avoids setback and that components fit first time, Geodetic control, including geoid enhancement, to help understanding the ordinary flow of water across your project site, Experienced submission of LiDAR and mobile mapping to decrease costs and save time& Global presence and wide-ranging experience.

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