Test Champs: Resources to Support Parents and Tutors to Help Students

Test Champs offer extra practice to assist the students for Selective School Exams and NAPLAN. Our teaching professionals have created the tests after carefully analyzing the pattern of the tests to simulate the real NAPLAN and Selective School Exams. Every state organizes individual exams with different questions and a different time limit for the test. Our teaching experts guarantee that the tests are best suited for every state as per the state’s test pattern. Most of the Selective School practice tests available online are mainly for tests in New South Wales.

Test Champs is here to help students with more practice in the NAPLAN and Selective School Exams.
The tests are written by experienced teachers who understand the test structure. We have spent many hours curating the original test questions to simulate the actual NAPLAN and Selective School Exams. Our teacher writers have ensured that the tests are suited for the Selective School Exams for each individual state as the Education Department of different states run their own exams, which are quite different in terms of time given in the tests and test questions.

Most of the Selective School practice tests available online are suited mainly for tests in New South Wales. On the other hand, our Selective School Practice Tests cater to the Ignite Exam in South Australia and the GATE/ASET in WA along with the Selective School Tests for New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Parents or tutors can use these tests to help prepare students taking these tests and exams. Immediate results with clear answers and detailed progress reports are made available for parents and tutors to track the progress of the child.

After all, practice makes perfect. The more tests the students have attempted, the more confident they become. The tests are self-paced in that students can attempt the tests at their own schedule but in a timed test environment at the comfort of their home or wherever they are.

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