The Insider’s Guide to NAPLAN Year 3 and Its Online Test

Feedback on students’ performance is important for educators, parents and students so as to modify pedagogy and direct resources to achieve the best outcome. For more than 10 years, NAPLAN provides test for the students to determine their skills in numeracy, reading & writing, and language convections.

It also helps teachers and principals to examine the changes in the education and syllabus. NAPLAN is a general assessment of numeracy proficiency and literacy, providing a snapshot of how children around the country answer a particular set of English and Mathematics test questions as well as comparing their results with their peers.

When it comes to the writing test, students are given writing prompt and a time of 40 minutes to produce either a narrative piece of writing or persuasive. Writing is marked for its demand to the audience and the overall structure. This also includes ideas within the writing and the connections that are logical of those ideas. The use of literacy tools to build the different characters or persuade the reader, depth and breadth of vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and paragraphing. All of these factors are considered in the marking assessment.

Therefore, it becomes very important to educate your children regarding all these points and factors. With the help of the NAPLAN Online Practice Test Year 3, you can guide your child with a practical demonstration. An online practice test for NAPLAN can help your child in many different ways as it has most of the things that your child has to be aware of. It includes writing tests, numeracy, and language conventions. These tests give children a feel of the real exam. For most children a practice test can provide a trial run. Along with the drill, it also helps children in gaining knowledge about a particular subject or matter.

It provides children a feel of the exam experience and also helps them in better time management. In other words, it works like a warm-up for the final exam, so that children become more confident in the real test. These tests are prepared in such a way that they can help children in reducing exam nerves so that they can focus on learning. NAPLAN sample tests can be very useful for your child, as he or she can get to practice their skills numeracy, language convections, and reading & writing.


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