Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos are always in trend. Every tattoo has a story. While some celebrate the relationship, some show their love for art. What every tattoo-lover wants is an easy and painless experience while getting inked. 


Find the best London tattoo shops and permanently get beautiful artwork etched on your skin. To make your session happier, here are a few things that you can follow. 


What to know before meeting an artist:


Selecting a picture or an image that you want to get tattooed is important, and it is probably the first step. There are a few more things that can make your experience satisfying. You can show an image that you like to an artist who decides and discuss the finer details regarding the image and the whole process with you.


It needs several factors to consider, including:


  • How much of your skin do you want to dedicate to the art? 
  • How convenient will the tattoo placement be?
  • How beautiful will the colors reflect on your skin tone?
  • How much time do you want the session will long?




Style is another important part, and your artist is proficient in different styles to make the image look more beautiful on you. Some common styles are:


American Traditional: it gets a black outline and the primary color choices. The style is popularly used for roses and skulls.


Traditional Japanese: it represents clean lines and minimal shading, and it is used commonly for tigers and flowers.


Realism: it uses shades and color contrasts to make the design real.


Illustrative: the style includes bold outlines and intense color use, which is a combination of traditional style and realism.


Neo-traditional: it introduces a modern look to traditional American imagery. It uses shadings and colors to create a real appeal.


Minimalism or geometrical: it showcases negative space and clean backlines. The appeal mostly depends on how precisely the artwork is done.

Search for the best London tattoo shops that have experienced artists to add the best style for your chosen image.




Your tattoo also needs a proper design. Some people opt for pure illustration. Some also opt for a script with images. Choosing fonts for it is needed. You can even use different online tools to choose fonts before visiting an artist. 




The color palette also depends on the style of tattoo you choose, but an artist can make his/her own choice for colors. Considering your skin tone, an artist chooses colors that will reflect the image more vibrantly. Fair skin holds white ink better, and darker skin tones are great for holding darker color shades. But it does not mean any color restriction. Consult with your artist and learn more about it.


Size and location:


Outlines initially look clean and crisp. But, as time goes by, it starts fading. Size and location are important to hold your tattoo and keep it new. Choose your preferred location. It completely depends on you how you want to flaunt it.




Before visiting the best London tattoo shops, you must gather basic knowledge of styles and images you want to have on your skin. Remember to choose a licensing name to get a design inked on your skin. This guide will help you enjoy the whole session. 


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