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Flowers make a statement, no matter how old you are. But don’t worry. You can order anniversary flowers and choose something different if the traditional wedding anniversary flowers don’t suit your relationship style. Wedding anniversary gifts should be personalized. It’s the thought that matters.


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1st Anniversary: Carnations

Carnations are the classic first-anniversary flower. They are the perfect flower for encapsulating your first year of marriage. There are many colors to choose from, so if your loved one doesn’t like red, you can pick a color that suits their personality.


2nd anniversary: Cosmos

The honeymoon phase ends after your second year together. You have settled into a routine that works well for you both. The second-anniversary bouquets will usually be full of cosmos. This is a flower that symbolizes harmony and joy, something you have worked together to achieve. You can find cosmos in pink, orange, and red as well as yellow, white, and maroon. They also come with a variety of bloom shapes, including a bowl-shaped or flat shape.


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3rd Anniversary: Sunflowers

A bundle of sunflowers is a great choice for third-anniversary bouquets. Sunflowers are a symbol of loyalty and long-term success and their bright colors will brighten any space. Sunflowers can be used as an alternative to traditional flowers for anniversary celebrations that don’t suit your loved one.


4th Anniversary: Geraniums

Fourth wedding anniversary flowers are a flower you won’t see often in bouquets, but when it is added, it adds a delicate, soft touch to the bouquet. Geraniums are a symbol of happiness and positive emotions. They make a great addition to any wedding.


10th Anniversary: Daffodils

Ten years of marriage can bring about many changes. New homes, new cars, and new babies are just some of the possibilities. The traditional 10th-anniversary bouquet is made of daffodils. They are a symbol of joy and happiness. They can be arranged in a bouquet with other flowers or left alone. Ten years of marriage are over, with more to come.


25th Anniversary: Iris

It is a quarter century ago. Your love grows stronger each year. Traditionally, the iris is given to the couple on their 25th wedding anniversary. The flower represents strength, courage, admiration, and all the traits that you admire about your partner. These vibrant, tall flowers are a sign of a strong and bright relationship.


30th anniversary: Lilies

The couple could be experiencing a variety of life changes by their 30th anniversary. They may be retiring, empty-nesters, downsizing, or even retirement. The traditional 30th-anniversary bouquet is the lily. They are perfect for this stage of their relationship, as they represent life transitions and remembrance.


50th anniversary: Roses and Violets

It’s a great time to celebrate 50 years of marriage. Two types of flowers are used in 50th-anniversary bouquets: purple violets and yellow roses. Two people have been together for 50 years and are now complementary colors. We recommend that you do not give these flowers or colors to your spouse for their 50th wedding anniversary.


Flowers to Honor the Anniversary of a Death

There are many options available to commemorate the anniversary of the death of a loved one. You can order anniversary flowers and choose a bouquet to send to a funeral or a bouquet to place in a cemetery.


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