Understanding Your Dog’s Metabolism! Best Digestive Enzymes Supplement

Your veterinarian might have told you that your dog must lose weight. Pet parents often count calories, eliminate treats, and increase exercise to see their dogs lose weight. Your dog’s metabolism may be slower than humans. This can lead to a slowdown in weight loss.

Are you curious about how your dog’s metabolism works? These are the basic principles of weight management for dogs.

The Metabolic Process

Metabolism refers to the body’s complicated turning of food into usable energy. The process involves the interaction between the nervous system, the muscles, and the endocrine and digestive systems. Even if you’re sleeping or sitting on the couch, your body still needs the energy to function properly. According to Discover Magazine, 5 to 15% of your energy is used to digest the food you eat each day.

Basal metabolic rate is the number of calories required to support all background functions. This is also known as the resting energy need. The body’s caloric requirements will increase if you include physical activity. The same goes for your dog’s metabolism.

Changes in Dog Metabolism and Aging

Dogs age slowly, and their muscle mass decreases. An older dog may have osteoarthritis, making it difficult for them to run or walk. This can lead to muscle loss. Healthy, strong muscles are essential to maintaining a healthy metabolism rate. Older dogs will gain weight if they don’t burn as many calories.

Nutrition: The Role

Tailored nutrition can benefit senior dogs, overweight dogs, and dogs suffering from hormonal disorders that affect their metabolism. A diet low in calories and high in fiber can boost metabolism. While it is important to limit calories, effective fat loss requires sufficient nutrients for muscle tissue maintenance, healthy functioning of the organs, and fueling the pet’s metabolic rate. A veterinarian can help you choose the best weight management food for your pet and recommend feeding to ensure a healthy weight. You can also talk to your veterinarian about any problems you may encounter during weight loss, such as pet begging or surfing the kitchen counter looking for snacks.

To establish a healthy metabolism in your dog, it is essential to provide proper nutrition and regular exercise. You might consider talking to your vet about therapeutic dog food. This is specially designed to help your dog maintain a healthy weight.

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Metabolism Plus- best digestive enzymes supplement

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