Uses of Natural Props to Enhance Your Food Photography: Laasya Palicha

Eating is a multi-sensory experience that is initially exposed through the eyes. Before we experience its delicious aroma or take that first unforgettable bite, we make preconceived notions about what a dish will look like based on what it will taste like. The same concept takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to food photography, as people rely solely on their vision to make decisions about a dish. As a Foodie & an amateur photographer, Laasya Palicha understands that it is essential not only to ensure that food is tastefully assembled but also to select appropriate pieces that enhance the appearance of the subject.


Natural Props to Enhance Your Food Photography


Laasya Palicha uses these prop tips to help make her photographed dishes so appealing that people want to taste the food from their screen or the paper on the images is printed.


  1. Use a Neutral Background

Use a concise background that creates contrast but doesn’t distract from your dish. Find one in a neutral finish (such as white, gray, or light brown) that can work with the food. You can also go against the grain by choosing a dark background that will make your lighter-colored grub stand out.


  1. Textured Fabrics

The color and texture of the fabric affect the scene. How the fabric reflects light and the camera captures the fabric as a whole. Stick to neutral fabrics – Brightly colored fabric can give your food a contrasting hue. When choosing printed fabric choose fabrics with fine or classic patterns. Always remember the bend parts of the iron that can take your eyes off the main focus of the photo: your food.


  1. Wooden Accents

Create a rustic atmosphere by choosing wooden elements such as chopping boards that have darkened over time or wooden slabs with beautiful concentric rings of trees.


  1. Unique Flatware

Find spoons, forks, and knives in unexpected shapes and different finishes that can bring an otherwise ordinary display to life. Go for goldware, try a set with ornate handles, or buy an odd-looking folded spoon that can pancake onto your glass.


  1. Trays and Pans

Experiment with trays in different sizes, forms, colors, and materials to create different levels in your photo. Whether it’s a rectangular steel cooling rack or a circular wooden tray filled with appetizers, these props force people to focus on what’s within the frame.

The Power of Matte Object

Laasya Palicha mentions saving valuable time from post-processing your photos and adjusting your studio lighting by choosing dining props with a matte finish. When styling and photographing food, it is always best to go with your gut. If you hear this while you’re busy snapping, it means you’re on the right track to making it delicious!



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