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Teaching English as a foreign language can sound like a fun job – because it is! But at the same time it can also be exhausting – being on your feet all day, chatting to your students for hours every day, lesson planning after a long day of teaching. Finding and maintaining a work-life balance is important to protect your physical and mental health. But how exactly can we do that? We chatted to some graduates from The TEFL Academy and looked at their TEFL Academy Reviews to find out how they cope.

Max – The TEFL Academy review

Max graduated from The TEFL Academy in 2022. He was feeling a bit overwhelmed with life in the UK so he decided to do a TEFL course with The TEFL Academy and change his life completely. He had heard rumours about a TEFL Academy scam but he did his due diligence and felt comfortable taking the course.

“I now teach in an English programme at a school in Thailand and my quality of life has improved hugely. I wake up in paradise every day. I live near loads of other destinations I want to visit. I get 2 months’ holiday a year and I’ve been to places like Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and China.

If I could give anybody advice who is thinking about doing this course: go for it. Things are so different in other parts of the world and there is so much to see. Teaching may seem a scary responsibility; however, it’s generally quite easy and fun once you get the hang of it. Being happy in your job and with your lifestyle makes it easier to have a good work-life balance.”

Roxanna – The TEFL Academy review

Roxanna – The TEFL Academy Reviews – Roxanna did a Level 5 TEFL course with The TEFL Academy and completed her qualification in 4 months.

“The 168-hour online course gave me all of the skills I needed to successfully and confidently teach English online.I applied for about 10 different jobs at various companies thinking that as a new teacher I would surely get rejected from a few. I got hired for every single job that I applied for!

I currently work for Palfish, BlingABC, SayABC and Cambly Kids. Teaching English online has enabled me to live anywhere in the world and work. When my partner and I travel, all I need is my laptop, a good internet connection and some props and I can teach wherever we go! If ever there was a way to find a true work-life balance, TEFL is it!”

There you have it – these are just two examples of people who have successfully found a work-life balance through TEFL. Don’t believe everything you read about TEFL Academy scams – rather listen to the people who have done the course!

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