What Is a Glassless Mylar Mirror & Its Benefits?

Mylar mirrors, which don’t require glass, are a cutting-edge innovation. They are constructed from weather-resistant, reflective Mylar film that is both flexible and durable.

Glassless Mylar mirrors have an aluminum outer frame surrounding a firm foam core. The mirror surface is a Mylar sheet that has been stretched over the frame to create a smooth, flat surface. A raised edge on both the front and rear of the Mylar film serves to create a gap between the two layers. That’s why you might hear people refer to a glassless Mylar Mirror film as a “squishy mirror” because it can bend without cracking.


Safety Benefits of Glassless Mylar Mirrors

Mylar film is shatter-proof. Thus, it can be used in places where customers would otherwise be in danger from broken glass. Such places include dance studios, universities, fitness centers, watering holes, and more. The risk of damage is greatly reduced and liability claims are kept to a minimum with glassless mirrors. Insurance premiums for a company could go down if this happens. Common glass mirrors are not permitted in many public buildings and schools because of the risk of lawsuits. Mirrors without glass panes are a more practical and less expensive option.


What Makes the Rolling Stand Glassless Mylar Mirrors Different?

Invisible glass wall mount brackets allow for the attachment of Mylar mirrors to any kind of wall. Since they weigh so little, setting them up is a breeze. As a bonus, the frameless mirror can be leaned against a wall in true loft fashion. If you don’t have the wall space for a regular mirror, you can use a glassless Mylar mirror on a rolling stand instead. These mirrors have the distinct quality of portability, as they are mounted on wheels and may be moved from place to place. They may be easily rolled from one location to another.


How to Clean and Maintain a Glassless Mylar Mirror? 

Use a liquid household cleaner or foam window cleaner that does not contain abrasives to clean the Mylar mirror panel. Glass plus is a widely recognized example of a product that is acceptable for sale. Spray the cleaner onto a cloth or wipe and gently clean the area to remove fingerprint residue. Cleaning and caring for a glassless mirror is not drastically different from caring for a conventional glass mirror. However, avoid squeezing the reflective mylar film against the inner backing. The reflecting surface may sustain scratches and lose its original color as a result.

The Glassless mirror panels can be cleaned with any household liquid or foam window cleaner that does not contain ammonia or phosphates. The mirrors and other surfaces can be dusted using a soft, lint-free plain cotton cloth. Light cleaning, such as fingerprints, only requires a light misting of cleaner on a cloth. Spray the cleanser onto the mirror’s surface and wipe it dry to clean larger areas.

If you spray your glassless Mylar mirror with carnauba wax and polish it, you can conceal minor scratches. The use of a heat gun or hot air blower might help stretch out minor dents or creases. It should be held about an inch and a half above the spot that needs attention. It needs to contract gradually. Please contact us at any time if you have any further questions, and we will be happy to assist you with any concerns or requests you may have about your Glassless Mylar mirror.

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