What is Vinyl for floor graphics?

Look no further than your feet for one of today’s trendiest branding and promotional tools: custom floor graphics. You may know them from basketball courts, but they can be used in several other applications and industries. Printed decals and stickers are where the rubber meets the road — or, in this case, the vinyl for floor graphics meets — to spur interaction and drive unique engagement between businesses and customers across industries.

Vinyl floor graphics are an excellent addition for companies looking to brand and stand apart from the rest, commanding attention from the ground up.


Printed floor graphics are a bold and creative utilization of your organization’s floor space. They’re sticker-like decals that you “peel and place” in strategic locations to display select branded themes — inside or outside — as short-term or semi-permanent signage. Most vinyls for floor graphics consist of three parts:

  • The base vinyl layer: The base vinyl layer is the flexible substrate that images are printed onto.
  • The anti-skid laminate coating: Sometimes referred to as a matte mask, the anti-skid laminate coating protects the design from dangers, such as slips, scratches, discoloration, and skid marks.
  • The strong adhesive layer: The adhesive layer bonds the decal to the floor during installation.

Custom floor graphics offer a professional stamp onto your space — literally. Businesses with floor graphics have gone the extra step to customize their surroundings. These graphics can easily remain on-brand and on-mission. Many companies use floor graphics’ text and images to display logos, showcase a mission statement, reinforce organization values or highlight other marketing and PR identities.

In short, printing custom vinyl for floor graphics means printing a piece of your business for that spatial “wow” factor — and reaping strategic marketing benefits along the way.


Custom vinyl floor graphics break the branding mold. With consumers more ad-saturated than ever, floor graphics are a way to capture and capitalize on the interest of an audience. Like passing foot traffic or people on their smartphones, even passive eyes can’t miss unique floor decals. While capturing attention is one of the major benefits of outdoor and indoor floor graphics, they can provide your business with several more advantages.

Learn more about the business benefits of indoor and outdoor floor graphics below:


Floors are too often an afterthought when it comes to branding a space — if they’re thought of at all. Yet, your floor’s open expanse is an untapped resource that is ready to highlight marketing messages and dictate consumer behaviors in an original way designed to connect with people instead of just trying to sell to them. This strategy comes wrapped in what’s known as the experiential design movement, a design trend merging psychology, technology, and visual arts to create immersive, warm, and engaging spaces.

Floor decals align perfectly with experiential branding. Vinyl for floor graphics builds a fresh ambiance rather than inundating clients and visitors with familiar advertisements and marketing messages. They amplify a room’s professional look and feel while showing off your branded personality.


Custom floor graphics can be used as temporary or permanent signage, making them ideal sales vehicles, promoting goods and services for a select period, or proclaiming continual deals.

In-store specials remain as popular as ever. Customers across demographics repeatedly cite how important thrift is in their shopping decisions. As a result, price discounts and free samples are the most common in-store promotions influencing purchases. Custom vinyl for floor graphics provides an ideal template to guide customers to sampling areas and promote items on sale.

Vinyl floor graphics provide a creative marketing tool with serious conversion power.

Given their unique capacity for attention-nabbing and novelty, custom floor decals, stickers, and graphics stand out for the point of sale and promotional advertisements. They can be big and bold or smart and subtle. Best of all, custom vinyl graphics grab the attention of the hardest-to-reach customers.

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