What To Know as You Aspire To Become a Professional Truck Driver

Are you an aspirant looking for truck education? Your first consideration should be the amount of education and training you will need. Also, remember to choose the major, which is essential to becoming a professional truck driver. There are truck driving courses available for you to become a professional truck driver. You will need to look for truck training education to learn about class 1 and 3 programs and air brake course Edmonton for truck drivers. With this, you will develop a set of standards in professional driving that will make you outstanding with a degree of credibility that is unmatched. You can also find relevant skills from other jobs that will play a significant role in becoming a professional truck driver.

As you aspire to become a professional truck driver, you will have to go through the education and training system for classes 1 and 3. You will know what’s needed of you regarding the courses, you as a driver you are required to take a written and knowledge test.

  • ¬†Class 1 M.E.L.T Course or Equivalent

It is a mandatory requirement for a truck driver at the entry level. For this course, you will acquire a driving license and also be required to pass road and knowledge tests.

Driver’s Requirements Test for Class 1 M.E.L.T Course

As a truck driver student, you must complete and pass your class 1 driving examination test before being promoted to the next level; the final road test. You are required to pass a course examination, and a qualified physician undertakes a medical exam. After that, you can be handed a driving license.

Written and Knowledge Test for Class 1

For written and knowledge tests, you will be required to study the road signs, basic and professional driver’s handbooks. With this knowledge in classes 1 and 2, you will be able to drive a ten or passenger while still studying the section with regards to trailers.

  • Class 3 Program

The class 3 program is usually a course scheduled to test your air brake knowledge and endorsement skills. You are also required to pass the air endorsement and knowledge exam before taking a road test.

For the class 3 program, there is scheduled an introductory course which usually takes 10 hours of in-truck training, an air break course, a week completion, and an hour instruction section. There is also an extensive course that takes 20 hours of in-truck training and air brakes course, a completion time of up to 3 weeks, and an hourly instructions section.

Written and Knowledge Test for Class 3 

For class 3 written and knowledge tests, you are only limited to studying class 3 programs as you should have checked the class 1 and 2 programs.


To ideally become a professional truck driver, you need to go through the relevant course regarding truck driving. You can have your course done and be a professional truck driver by getting inducted in-classroom training for truck drivers and getting competence skills in your professional field.

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