Which type of Sterilizing Lab Equipment can be Beneficial for you?

Sterile Filling Equipment is required for the pasteurization or aseptic processing (sterilization) of liquid goods such as juices, plant-based or dairy-based beverages, smoothies, and other items.

Your finished sterilizing lab equipment product may differ after going through these procedures. They can modify its appearance, aroma, taste, and even consistency. There are some positive and numerous negative changes. This emphasizes the need to ensure high accuracy between the lab process and the actual manufacturing procedure. To put it another way, you can’t just assume that your product formulae will “scale up” from the lab to full-scale manufacturing; you need to test them beforehand to ensure they work.

Microthermics Is The Industry-Leading Manufacturer Of Laboratory-Scale Htst And Uht Processing Systems

Some of our specialities include small-scale pasteurizers, aseptic processors, and our HTST/UHT pasteurization/sterilization equipment. MicroThermics is likely responsible for designing and constructing the machinery used in the development and production of many of the items you use regularly. It might be something sweet, medicinal, or even a meal substitute. We collaborate with our sister firm MTI BioScience to create marketable extracts of cannabinoids like CBD and help develop liquid cannabis goods like drinks.

Why do business people hire us, you ask. Because of our efforts, our customers can cut down on the costs associated with developing and manufacturing their goods, improve their productivity, and speed up the introduction of new items to the market. Products and services offered by us are of the greatest quality available. We can do this thanks to our cutting-edge manufacturing methods, ongoing efforts to enhance quality, and the commitment of our expert staff.

A Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award winner will have made noteworthy contributions to using food science and technology in industrial food production. This honor went to MicroThermics for its fully automated, miniature UHT/HTST Direct-Indirect Process System (DIP) designed for use in a laboratory setting. Improved food product quality, safety, and efficiency are the direct outcome of using a process simulator system to speed up the development, manufacture, and processing of new goods while simultaneously lowering associated costs.

UHT, HTST pasteurization , small-batch pasteurizer and Aseptic process scaling are our forte. This way, our customers may move swiftly from product development in the lab to new product launches in the factory and, ultimately, the market. Our setup includes unit operations like in-line homogenizers, deaerators, and sterile product outputs. We also provide small-scale manufacturing machinery for high-quality, low-quantity items.

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