Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Sterilizer Machine?

We have pioneered the development of small-scale Sterilizer Machine processors, and HTST/UHT pasteurization & sterilization equipment. MicroThermics is likely responsible for the design and construction of the machinery used in developing and manufacturing many of the items you use regularly. For example, it might be something sweet, medicinal, or a substitute for a meal. In addition, we collaborate with our sister firm MTI BioScience to create marketable extracts of cannabinoids like CBD and help develop liquid cannabis goods like drinks.

Simply put, we help our customers save money on research and development and manufacturing, improve their productivity, and get their goods to market faster. Our customers may be confident they will get nothing less than the best from us. Thanks to our modern manufacturing methods, ongoing attempts to enhance quality, and expert staff, we can do this. Our new promotional film provides a high-level summary of Microthermics’s goals, goods, and services; we think you’ll find it informative and entertaining.

Winner Of The Industrial Accomplishment Award From The Institute Of Food Technology

A remarkable innovation that shows substantial progress in applying food science and technology to food production is honored with the Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award. This honor goes to MicroThermics for their fully automated, miniature DIP version for UHT/HTST processing in a laboratory setting. Increased food product quality, safety, and efficiency are all possible thanks to the process simulator system’s ability to drastically cut down on the time and money spent on product development, manufacturing, and processing. We are experts in expanding and contracting the size of your UHT, HTST, small-batch pasteurizer, and Aseptic operations. Our manufacturing process may be quickly and accurately simulated because of our thermal process modeling methodologies, technologies, and designs. As a result, our customers may move swiftly from research to product development to manufacturing to distribution. Additionally, we included unit functions like in-line homogenizers, deaerators, and sterile product outputs in the layout.

Additionally, we provide small-scale manufacturing machinery for high-quality, low-quantity items. Our pasteurizer processors for small-scale manufacturing and small batches are offered in both hygienic and cGMP configurations. Through our sister firm MTI BioScience, LLC, MicroThermics helps fund the research and development of various cannabis-based products such as drinks, syrups, and CBD oil.

MicroThermics will maintain its current strategy of concentrating and expanding the company in these rapidly developing areas. Furthermore, in line with the policy above declarations, we will keep an eye on legal clearances to guarantee full adherence to all applicable regulations.

Microthermal Processes Available

You may choose from several different methods, each of which has advantages and disadvantages that may or may not apply to your product. Depending on the nature of the product and how long you want to keep it in storage, you may determine the optimal processing conditions. Just click on the corresponding icon to get additional info about each step. Your goods may be processed in various environments with the help of MicroThermics systems. To learn which solutions could work best for your interests, you can also speak with a MicroThermics salesperson.


Our sterilizer machine lab is equipped to perform Miniature Plant Trials, where you may experiment with different product formulations and processing conditions, from hot-filling to Ultra High Temperature (UHT) procedures (for aseptic and extended shelf life products). Computerized data capture records processing requirements for each test, allowing you to examine them individually for each batch.

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