Why Are Flowers Gifted on Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day has come to be a day for celebrating the history of women’s rights, while also advancing the struggle to achieve full equality for women across the world. Additionally, the public has come to view International Women’s Day as an opportunity to be grateful to the women who they cherish dearly and to celebrate their lives and express their gratitude. There are many ways to honor and celebrate the day, like donating to refugee charities for women and spending time with women in our lives, and even taking part in political rallies. It’s now an accepted practice that people of all ages across the world participate in the tradition of giving Women’s Day flowers. It’s become a common practice for many to observe International Women’s Day – you should present flowers to women who are important to you as a sign of your love and appreciation for them.


How Did the Tradition Start?

There’s no specific way the tradition started. Flower-giving has been a means to express affection and love since the time we remember. However, many believe it began on an event, in particular, the 8th of March in 1946. The day was celebrated by Italian females gathered around the mimosa as their flower of choice and declared it to be the symbol of women’s strength and sensibility. Since then, people were often able to offer women a particular flower during International Women’s Day. The day was created to honor women’s power, strength, and the work they give to their loved families. Naturally, the custom grew and expanded and now the gifting of any kind of flower arrangement is a common gesture to mark International Women’s Day.


International Women’s Day Now

Women’s day flowers are a major part of the International Women’s Day celebrations present day, particularly in countries such as Russia in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. This and other Eastern European countries celebrate the day with a lot of enthusiasm and it’s considered a national holiday. As per The New York Times, florists in Russia sell more than 150,000 roses during the 8th of March this amounts to a full month’s sales.

In the year 2020, it was declared that the focus to be used for International Women’s Day is Each For Equal. This is an affirmation of the dream of equality for women across the world. Women’s rights have advanced far and in advanced countries such as Ireland and the UK and the US, many women enjoy themselves happily and aren’t faced with major discrimination. However, gender disparities remain with the gap in pay and evident discrimination against women on the job. Discrimination against women is evident in a variety of industries. The countries that are less developed have a long path to travel.

According to the official International Women’s Day website, the official International Women’s Day slogan for this year can be described as: “An equal World is an empowered world. How can you contribute to creating equality between men and women? Recognize women’s accomplishments. Increase awareness of discrimination. Do something to ensure equality.”

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